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General teaching conditions (GTC) for private piano lessons

  1. The teacher (Maziyar Parsa) provides qualified technical and methodological training within the framework of the contractual teaching relationship between him and the student. Educational success requires a continuous training ahead. Therefore, the teaching relationship should be long-term, regardless of its legal structure. Independent responsibility at home is essential for learning success.Practice the student. The support of your legal guardian is also helpful and useful.

  2. The teacher (Maziyar Parsa) ensures40 Lesson hours within a year and can prove these using an attendance list kept by him. The first lesson is considered a free trial lesson.

  3. Lessons generally take place on school days at general schools in North Rhine-Westphalia and are not held on public holidays and in the Holidays. In addition, there are no classes on public/church holidays or on Shrove Monday. This does not affect individual arrangements and separate agreements between the teacher (Maziyar Parsa) and the music student.

  4. The Teaching contract is usually concluded for an indefinite period of time. The notice period this contract is eight weeks from the termination date. The teacher prepares a final accounting of the lessons held.

  5. The lessons take place at the student's home.

  6. Tickets of 5 and 10 are valid for individual lessons and must be redeemed within six months, but there is no entitlement to a refund. The tuition fee for the 5 and 10 class cards must be paid to the specified savings bank account before the first lesson (see number 11).

  7. For parents who have several children taught by the teacher (Maziyar Parsa), a Sibling discount granted. For the second child it is 20% and from the third child onwards it is 30% of the tuition fee for each child. The order of the children is determined by the amount of the tuition fee to be paid, with the child with the highest tuition fee being counted as the 1st child. 

  8. An increase in the fee is possible on September 1st or January 1st: this must be communicated to the contractual partner at least eight weeks in advance. A corresponding contract must then be concluded again.

  9. Appointments must generally be made personally with the teacher (Maziyar Parsa). A cancellation The lesson by the student should take place 24 hours before the appointment with the teacher (Maziyar Parsa). If the student misses lessons, he or she is not entitled to a fee reduction or refund. If the cancellation is made in good time, the teacher can, if possible, offer an alternative date. Lessons missed due to the teacher's fault will be made up by arrangement. The teacher offers up to three alternative dates to choose from. If the teacher is unable to catch up, the lessons will be reimbursed financially.

  10. This Tuition fee will be paid monthly and regardless of school holidays by the payer by Standing Order To be paid in advance to the specified account at the savings bank by the 5th of each month (see number 11). If a teaching contract begins during the current month, only the hours remaining until the end of the month will be calculated and invoiced at the individual lesson price.

  11. The tuition fees must be transferred to the following account before the first lesson
    BIC : 

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